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A leading smart grid company in the world

Grid Solutions, Inc. is a smart grid solution company.

We are committed to developing the cutting edge solutions in the smart grid.




OpenADR Solutions

These solutions enable aggregators to monitor, analyze, and manage DR events dispatched from utilities.


VPP Solutions

These solutions have functions that comply with the requirements of the Supply and Demand Adjustment Market and the Capacity Market, and it works with OpenADR to provide the one-stop cloud service required for aggregators.


AI Solutions

We are developing these functions to automatically perform predictions based on time series using machine learning algorithms and deep learning.

Electricity Trading Solutions

Our solutions create a charge / discharge plan for the storage battery that avoids imbalance.  They also help our customers to create a sell / buy plan at JEPX.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Solutions

Our blockchain-based REC solutions enable secure non-fossil value transactions between seller and buyer.